About Us


Founded by Liz Peters in 1968, Peters & Associates has since been serving the strategic planning and recruitment needs of the real estate industry through multiple cycles of growth and contraction. As the evolution of public and institutional ownership of what has heretofore been a mostly privately owned asset class progresses, professional and institutional disciplines are both required and essential for ongoing success. We continue to serve those frontier people and firms who provide the innovation and dedication to convert visions into realities.

Combining objective assessment tools with intuitive insights inspired from cycle tested, hands-on involvement in the industry, Peters & Associates collaborates with our clients in the pursuit of optimal solutions and the people who are needed to implement them. Spanning every major area of specialization across the real estate industry, our working knowledge of the asset class and its integral relationship with the broader financial markets inures to our client’s benefit.

The unifying component of all successful businesses is always the people who are involved.