Why Select Us


A true service dedication

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Success is derived from identification of requirements and fulfillment of objectives from both sides of an assignment, and our greatest satisfaction comes from creating the harmony that results from bringing the best and the brightest together with the best and the brightest.

Subtle and attentive listeners

We have cultivated the art as well as the science of attentive listening. We certainly know how to sort through facts and get the truth. Equally important is our ability to listen for what is not said and understand the meaning of such absence.

Working knowledge of the industry

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Collectively we have had direct involvement with financial markets including venture capital, real estate development, money management, derivative trading and financial planning. Peters & Associates has participated in the growth and expansion of the real estate industry and the related financial markets as consultants and recruiters since 1968, serving a diverse range of participants including banks (commercial and investment), insurance companies, investment managers, developers, owner/managers, consultants, brokers, corporations, endowments, universities and others.

We have dedicated specialists from various industry segments that understand the intricacies of their areas and thereby provide deep, relevant information that is focused on the particular objective(s) of an assignment. We are thereby better equipped to understand the essence of our research and how to apply the derived insights. Our approaches simultaneously pursue top down and bottom up methodologies.


We will tell you the whole story not simply what we think you want to hear or what will get us the assignment. We can, and will if requested, provide our objective observations that will be unvarnished but discrete and ongoing. We can regularly provide relevant industry feedback and reconnaissance that can be both positive and negative but always productive.


We have trusted and longstanding relationships with a broad range of industry veterans who keep us informed and thereby better enabled to speak confidentially with those ideal individuals who are not actively seeking alternatives but who will find your opportunity intriguing and an appropriate next step in their lives, not just their careers. This is in addition to the normal avenues of research and identification processes that we apply.


We provide the integrity of complete and absolute confidentiality.


We are adept at being able to bring new and/or partially formed ideas into clear focus and intuitive insights into rational frameworks and gut feelings into pragmatic game plans. We separate the optimal solution from acceptable alternatives.


We believe in the importance of our service to your organization’s vitality and success. Ours is not a commoditized business service but rather a deeply personal relationship. Most often, next to our families, our business commitments are the most important aspects of our lives and we take that responsibility with the utmost seriousness.

Value Addition

Essential, if not the predominant perspective, to any successful enterprise is the ability to focus logic and rational thought to any circumstance or opportunity and thereby create a proprietary position. Equally, and by some’s opinion, the greater component of importance to success is the ability to assemble people who share not only core competencies but good chemistry, common philosophies and the dimensions of what is commonly called ‘fit’. Assessment of these sometimes non-linear ‘soft’ variables are areas that receive our close attention from the outset.

Added dimensions

While we serve large institutional clients alongside smaller, nimbler organizations, we maintain a ‘boutique’ attitude for every engagement.