What We Do



We apply new or re-apply proven methodologies to our client’s growth plans and/or existing challenges and objectives. From de novo efforts to expansions to restructurings, our multi-cycle tested, collective, comprehensive knowledge and experience within the real estate industry is utilized to drive innovation or supplement existing efforts. We often supply the missing link to an envisioned opportunity by connecting those capabilities, components or people which are needed to achieve success. Be it idea vetting, feasibility assessment, additional acquisitions, or some other missing component, our ongoing and confidential conversations serve as catalysts that foster insights which reflect both current realities as well as probable trends.

We add value by evaluating competitive advantages relative to established efforts and current market dynamics. Our discrete access to a broad array of decision makers facilitates the assessment of ideas and their proposed applications that result in concrete implementations. The dynamic tensions between tradition and innovation, creativity and certainty, skills and personality are some of the challenges that create opportunity. We can work with you to fine tune an existing idea or assess how best to execute into the potential for a topical arbitrage anywhere within the real estate space and its related industries.


Executive Recruitment

By listening deeply to our client’s ideas and visions, we absorb their perspectives and desired direction. This forms the foundation for our service of identifying, screening, qualifying and attracting the most appropriate talent for our client’s specific requirements. Utilizing the collective strengths of generations of experience, knowledge and insights combined with the latest technologies and methodologies, we access established talent or forage at the frontiers where combined talents and experiences provide the preferred potential for success for the pioneering platform.

Since 1968, Peters & Associates has been effective at collaborating with our clients in assessing and defining one of the common threads of both time and space and identifying what is truly real in the industry: 
the people.